Fox Mini Micron X Presentation Set

An updated modernised version of Fox’s classic mini micron bite alarm. Always traditionally a stand alone alarm head, these are now sold with a matching receiver. Available as a two or three rod package that includes a presentation case. With 7 volume control, and 4 tone settings all broadcast loud and clear on the cone speaker. Each head has a multi coloured LED that you can change to one of four different high vis colours. Other features including drop back indication and low battery warnings make these a great choice for any specialist angler.  

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Alarm Features
Includes receiver technology
Volume control button with seven levels
Tone control button with four settings
Sensitivity control button with four different settings
Drop back differential
Two 5mm high vis multi-coloured LED’s, green, blue, red and orange
Adjustable LED brightness
LED’s adjusted by holding down volume button and pressing tone button
D-Tec sensing system/roller wheel technology for clear, consistent bite detection
Power out socket 2.5mm – for use with illuminated bite indicators such as the Fox illuminated swinger®
Low battery warning
Batteries are too low when the LEDs automatically begin to flash red every two seconds
Cone speaker for crisp sound
Rubber inlays to protect your rod and hold it in place on savage bites
On/off toggle switch
Knurled locking collar
Takes small N-Type/ LR1 batteries
Metal (Alloy) 3/8 BSF thread
Receiver Features
Digital I-com circuitry for great receiver strength
Low Battery drain with Low Battery warning indication
Receiver batteries are too low when the LEDs automatically begin to flash red every two seconds
Multicolour LED’s with colour sync
Easy micron registration
Weatherproof sealed case
Cone speaker
Removable lanyard